VLOG – Top 10 Common Mistakes Couples Make when Planning their Wedding

This week’s VLOG is all about what we’ve noticed as wedding planners are the Top 10 Common Mistakes Couples Make when Planning their Wedding.

Hey Everyone. I’m Jessica and I’m the owner of Jessica Lisi Events. For today’s VLOG, we thought that maybe we should discuss our top 10 ideas of common mistakes that our couples make. You may not be one of these couples but these are things that we think couples make that they shouldn’t be doing. So please don’t get offended if this is one of the things that you’re doing; it’s just our person opinion.

First, you’re not putting yourselves first. Guys, it’s your wedding! It should be all about you! Make sure that you guys are happy, that’s all that matters! Your wedding, you guys come first.

Secondly, and a little bit against what I just said in the first one, but you don’t consider your guests. Now, that doesn’t mean that your guests need to come first, by any means that’s incorrect, but it’s the little things that really matter. So if you’re having outside in the blistering heat, think about having a tent, or some kind of shade to block them from the sun. Or if you’re having an eight-hour wedding but aren’t feeding those guests within those eight hours… you need to consider your guests for things like that. So that still makes you the number one priority but you’re still considering your guests.

Third, you’re too strict with social media. Now, in today’s day in age, everything is on social media. We’re talking now through a VLOG on social media, so make sure you have your rules, like they can’t post a picture of your dress until your fiancee gets to see you in it, that I understand, but don’t restrict social media entirely. Things like that are important to your guests so you’ll want to include that as well.

Next, you include your registry information on your wedding invites. Huge faux pas! Please do not do that. If you had a bridal shower, they already know where you’re registered. Or, instead of putting it on your invites, slyly put it out there through conversation. People are going to ask you, and if don’t, bring it up in conversation. Be very sly about it, but don’t put it on invitations. It shouldn’t be done.

Next, there’s a large time gap between the ceremony and reception and your not giving your guests something to do, so this means having a 10am ceremony but your reception isn’t starting until 6pm. Give your guests something to do doesn’t mean you have to plan anything and spend more money but even giving them of what kinds of things they can do around your area, like the local mall where they can have lunch, or serve them lunch if you want, that’s a great option too, but give them that option to be able to do something, especially for the out-of-townees so they’re not bored and have to go back to their hotel room.

Next, you skimp on wedding party gifts. Again, huge faux pas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you’re asking these people to be by your side on the most important day of your lives so far. You should definitely gift them with something, I would say somewhere between $100 to $300 is plenty, and this could include buying them their outfit, or jewellery, or getting their hair and makeup done. But definitely gift them with something.

The next thing, and this is a little biased because I’m a vendor but, you don’t feed your vendors. You’re hiring them, yes to work your wedding, but again they’re with you for 10 or 12 hours, maybe longer, so you should still be feeding them. I have a condition in one of my contracts that state that if I’m going to be at your wedding, you have to serve me in the dining hall with your other guests so that I can make sure that the food is served properly and well. You should have the same with all your vendors so make sure that you do feed your vendors.

Now, the next thing is that you send your thank you notes too late. Yes, better late than never, I agree with you whole heartedly, but if I got married at the beginning of 2018 I’m not going to be sending out my thank you letters at the end of 2019. So try to send them out within six months of your wedding date. That’s still acceptable. Like I said earlier, better late than never.

The next one is you forget the power paper can have at your wedding. Now, again, it sounds weird, but think of it like this: you sent out your invitations, it’s on paper. You have your table numbers, they’re on paper. You have menus, paper. Your stationary, paper. Your programs, paper. All of that is important, so remember that even a sign of something can really go a long way with the proper meaning. Behind me, I have a sign that says “All because two people fell in love.” It’s paper and it shows so much of what we do and why we love doing it.

And, last but not least, you rule out having a wedding planner all together. You don’t need to hire a wedding planner to plan your entire wedding from beginning to end but having a day-of coordinator there with you on the day-of is extremely important. It’s that extra insurance, and I tell all my clients that.

So there you have it! Those are our top 10 common mistakes that we think our couples make but that’s why you have us, right? So, as always, our website is jessicalisievents.com, we do offer free, initial consultations to come and meet us and find out if we jive, and don’t hesitate to sign up for our newsletter where we will give you all of these tips, and more, every month.

Have a great day guys. Bye!

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